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VIDEO: A Lady cry’s for the lockdown to be called off because her husband is killing her with sex

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In a  video trending online, a Ghanaian lady is seen and heard pleading with the President of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo to either allow her husband to go out to work or cancel the Lock-down.

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In the video, the unidentified lady said that her husband is getting on her nerves with constant intercourse and she is tired and afraid considering the huge size of the manhood of her hubby hence her plea to the President.

Though she is aware that we are not in good times and the lockdown directives are still in play but then she can’t also risk her life by always satisfying her husband with sexual pleasures and top of it all cooking for him to eat afterward.

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In her further assertions in the video sighted, the lady urged Akuffo Addo to annul the lockdown or organize an emergency press conference to bring out another measure that may be beneficial to her as she is dying of big things in between the legs of her hubby.

See some single ladies are yearning to get what she has. If you don’t know I’m telling you! wink! lol Keep quiet and enjoy lol.

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