Mona Gucci and Afia Schwarzenegger

Mona Gucci curse’s Afia Schwarzenegger and blogger with 26 Ayigbe gods

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Just when we thought Mona Gucci and Afia Schwarzenegger had let up their beef, new audio circulating on social media proves otherwise.

In the voice recording, Mona Gucci vowed to curse Afia and a blogger named, Aberewa Kokonsani with 26 Ayigbe gods.

The host of the Linkup with MonaGucci show on Kantanka TV lashed out at the blogger for spewing lies about her for clout.

According to Mona, she had already left Afia Schwarzenegger in the hands of some gods in her hometown who are sure to deal with her in due time.

She added that Aberewa Konkonsani is the next on the bill after the blogger went after her son claiming that he had breached his skin.

The blogger just like Afia Schwarzenegger said that Mona’s lawyer title is just a front for defrauding people.

Likewise, Afia Schwarzenegger posted a lawsuit against Mona Gucci over alleged fraud, impersonation, and other charges.


However, an enraged Mona Gucci threatened to take Aberewa Kokonsani to the gods and to eliminate his entire family just to be vindicated.

Mona alleged that the blogger is not a lady like he pretends to be while revealing that he is gay.

The saga is far from over with more episodes expected in the coming days.


Source: Ghpage

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