Bulldog threaten’s Ghana president Nana Akufo Addo

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The CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment Bulldog has stated that Nana Addo might leave his presidency and run if he is not able to pay Menzgold customers.

The issue about when customers of Nana Appiah Mensah’s defunct Gold investment company would receive their monies is still unanswered as the government has not said anything about it.

The officials of Menzgold on the part continue to assure their customers that they would receive their cash when all issues about Nana Appiah Mensah have been resolved which would be soon.

Bulldog who was a panelist on United Showbiz hosted by Nana Ama McBrown last Saturday had an argument with Afia Schwarzenegger on the show in regards to Menzgold.

After their long banter, Nana Ama stepped in and told them to seize fire since nothing they would do or say would make the customers get back their monies.

Bulldog after that comment from Nana Ama McBrown asked her to forget because the monies would be paid to everyone.

He went on to say President Nana Akufo Addo would run from the presidency if he and his government fail to pay the customers.


Bulldog said: “The money will come.. like Nana Addo will run, he will not finish his 4 years term… I’m telling you.. he no go finish his 4 years”

Watch the video below:

Some people have stated that the comment from Bulldog is a threat to the life of the President and that he should be picked up.

Source: Ghpage

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