50+ last names/surnames and their meanings

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Surnames provide a great bridge to the family’s past because they are passed from one generation to another. last names have reflective and unique meanings. Checkout various last names and their meaning below.
Nigeria has numerous tribes, including the Igbo and Yoruba people. Therefore, the list of African surnames here consists of Yoruba as well as Igbo last names.
Abara – Spirit
Abdullahi – One who follows God or is the servant of God
Abiola – One of the Yoruba last names, which means born in honour and wealth
Abimbola – To be born wealthy Adebayo – King or crown or royalty
Adeoye – Crown Adeyemi – Worth to be a king Aguta – Countless, to have many
Agwuegbo – Hardship is over Akerele – Small but tough
Akinyemi – Fated to be a warrior
Onyilogwu – One who is invulnerable to the dark magic
Akpabio – A leader, or noble person
Alana – Precious and beautiful
Amaechi – One who knows tomorrow
Asaju – A warrior or leader of warriors
Bankole – Help build our house
Chidubem – Guided by God
Eesuola – To have a lot of wealth
Chinua – God’s blessings
Gbadamosi – The independent one
Agrinya – Warrior
Nwadike – It means this person is strong or son of the hero
Oladoyinbo – Honour surround him
Umunna – Children of the Father
Oyawale – The river goddess came home
Akintola – being brave is as good as wealth
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